The butterscotch candy is one of the most loved and known candies. This is because it has a taste that is unique from the others. Also, since this candy can be easily made, it has been personalized by many candy… Continue reading

I was amazed when I went to a wedding and they had a candy bar bouquet for the bride. Seeing it for the first time made me thought it was an amazing idea because to me, it was unique. Also,… Continue reading

Have you tried using candy buffet containers yet? Well, if you haven’t, I suggest you do. These containers make every buffet more fun and delightful because it comes in various designs and they are made of different material. Also, you… Continue reading

There are different types of candy scoops and they are made of various materials such as plastic and metal. These scoops are used in different occasions such as valentine and Easter because they make each occasion more fun and exciting.… Continue reading

If there is candy we moms should allow our kids to indulge in, it would be katydids candy. You may ask why? Well, this candy that is made with old fashioned recipes tastes as good as ever and not only… Continue reading

Why was the coffee candy invented?

I was working on a long article last night and as I was about to finish, my eyes grew very tired as if it was about to close shut in seconds. I grabbed a… Continue reading

Next week will be my daughter’s birthday party and my wife and I are planning an all pink candy buffet. She is turning 7 and she loves everything pink. So my wife and I came up with an idea of… Continue reading

Whenever I hear about Runts candy, I can always remember me and my sister fighting over the counter at our favorite candy store. At that time, to be the first one that gets to be served by the candy seller… Continue reading

Sixlets candy is one of my most favorite candy-coated chocolates. If you haven’t heard about Sixlets, it’s high time you check them out. These are small, rounded candy-coated chocolates that originally come in 5 different colors, brown, orange, red, green,… Continue reading

Have you seen this Strawberry Candy that actually looks like a real strawberry? They are so pretty! Well, actually it is not the candy that looks like a real strawberry but its wrapper.

Strawberries are sophisticated types of fruits. They… Continue reading