I was amazed when I went to a wedding and they had a candy bar bouquet for the bride. Seeing it for the first time made me thought it was an amazing idea because to me, it was unique. Also, it made the wedding more special because it used a bouquet that is unconventional. Because of this, I had thought of incorporating this kind of bouquet to party themes I would decide on during family occasions.

Candy Bar Bouquet Ideas

When using candy bouquets, it is best to think of different themes so that your ideas don’t become boring or monotonous. Below are some different ideas you may incorporate when using candy bouquets.

  • Wedding

For weddings, you can make  candy bouquets that use candies with lighter colors such as pink, white and contrast it with darker colors to make the lighter shades pop-out. The size of the bouquet will depend on you because you can make it massive or small.

  • Valentine

You can also create a bouquet for this special event by using candies that make use of wrappers rich in the color red.

  • Gift Basket

For gift baskets, it is also a good idea to put a candy bouquet in it. I suggest though that you make one that is appropriate for the size of the box so that all the different elements are visible.


How To Make A Candy Bar Bouquet

It is very easy making a candy bar bouquet and since you can have it personalized, there is no limit to what you can do. You can choose different candies with various wrappers. Also, you can choose whichever color you like as well as the size of candies you will use. You just have to follow the instructions below but let me remind you that you can modify them to suit your taste.

Candy Bar Bouquet Instructions

  • First, you need to decide on the color scheme of your bouquet. So if you want it to be purple, choose candies that have this color for its wrapper. Also, it is good to combine it with other colors like yellow and white.
  • Next, choose the flavor of candies you will use. You may choose chocolate flavored candies only, or you may combine it with those that have other flavors.
  • Next, prepare all the materials you need such as a tin can or a bottle you will use to hold the candies so they stand upright. If you want, you may us a Styrofoam where you will let the candies stand on their own.
  • Once you have all materials, let the candies take their places by putting the tall ones behind the short ones.
  • Decorate the candies with ribbons or sprinkle it with glitters.

Candy Bar Bouquet Delivery

If you cannot make candy bouquets on your own, you may also order them from store outlets or online and have it delivered to your address. You may want to order by bulk because you will get it for a wholesale price if you do so.

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