There are different types of candy scoops and they are made of various materials such as plastic and metal. These scoops are used in different occasions such as valentine and Easter because they make each occasion more fun and exciting. Also with these scoops, candies can be easily packed or served to party goers because like a big spoon, you can use it to sort candies, to group candies and to transfer them from one container to the other.

Candy Buffet Scoops

One of the things I enjoy in a party is the candy buffet because it is here where I get to indulge in different candies that come in various flavors such as chocolate. In buffets such as this, I can have all the candy I can get because beside those that I eat during the party I get to bring home party favors that I can continue enjoying at home. And since there are scoops in parties, it is very easy for me to pick and transfer candies to my plate or to whatever it is I can put my candies into.

Metal Candy Scoops

An example of this candy scoops are those that are made of metal. This kind of scoop for candies is something I’d like to have at home because since it is made of metal, it can be made into different designs. Since metal is melted and molded it can made to look vintage. It can also be turned into a unique metal work that can still be used to scoop candies. If you are into candy scoops that are molded into different shapes, this is the on for you.

Mind you though, these scoops may rust if they are exposed to water so it may not be safe for kids to put in their mouths.

Plastic Candy Scoops

Another choice is candy scoops made of plastic. These scoops come in different colors such as blue and pink.  There are people who prefer these scoops because they are lighter and easier to carry around. As opposed to candy scoops made of metal, these ones are sort of safer for kids as well because they don’t rust and have rough edges. Also, if your party requires that each child have a plastic scoop, it is easier for them to carry around.


Small Candy Scoops

For toddlers and smaller children, you may also use candy scoops that are small. These scoops will be very easy for small kids to hold in their hands because it is appropriate for the size of their hands. And because their spoons fit very well into their hands, they can use them properly without discomfort or dropping the scoops.

For my kids’ birthdays, this is what I get them because it can fit in their party basket or party bags. Since the scoops are small, they can easily fit in different containers which are why I don’t worry about wasting too much time fitting the scoops in tiny spaces. Also, it is best for kids to hold things that are appropriate for the size of their hands.

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