The Real Candy Factory

Claeys Candy has been making artificially and naturally-flavored candies since 1919.  What I like about this candy factory from other chocolate and candy companies is that they still make and produce traditional candies which offer a nostalgic experience. One of the most famous products from Claeys is their hard candy drops, and my all-time favorite flavor is the classic horehound.

They are located in Southbend, Indiana.

A Classic Candy Experience

Claeys Hard Candy is not only recommended for kids but also for kids at heart. My folks really enjoy this Claeys product because it does not give an extremely sweet taste and smell. It has a very light sugar coating, which I prefer the most. It also has a long lasting flavor which makes this candy experience unstoppable once you popped one in your mouth. I really felt so much excitement when I tasted one for the first time. This candy really bursts inside your mouth, making you want to purchase all the flavors in one buying.

I have always been conscious with my diet since health is a very essential asset for me, but Claeys is very tempting. It is very grateful to know that these horehound hard candies are made with natural horehound herb tea. The candy is 100% naturally-made.

Claeys old-fashioned candy products have been providing different fat-free and gluten-free mouth-watering flavors to enjoy. These include unique flavors such as natural lemon, peppermint, anise, sassafras, green apple, wild cherry, root beer, cinnamon, and watermelon. Serving the people for 3 generations now just proves that this candy company really serves us with fresh quality products. These flavors offered by Claeys are all classic favorites.

Making Life A Little Sweeter: The Claeys Packaging

I find the packaging of this candy product really neat. The candies are placed in a white bag containing all the information you needed: the other flavors being offered by Claeys, the candy factory address, the phone and fax number, and the website where you can order from their store online.

I also learned that the makers from Claeys candy company still brew the ingredients in copper kettles to keep its natural taste. When it comes to its texture, the candy is really smooth which is perfect with your preferred flavor.

The Claeys Horehound Hard Candy is specifically made of sugar, corn syrup, natural horehound herb, and caramel color.

This also comes in a very affordable price. Each bag weighs 6 oz. which contains about 39 fat-free candy pieces. You can also purchase Claeys hard candy products in boxes, in which one box contains 12 hard candy bags. If you are interested to buy for wholesale, you can purchase Claeys products in bulk. They are available in wooden candy barrels, each of which contains 72 candy bags.

Horehound Candy As A Natural Remedy

Claeys Horehound Candy is best described as a sugar coated-candy with bittersweet taste. I have been a loyal customer of Claeys hard candy especially the horehound flavor because I find these candies not only as a delightful confection to spend my day but also therapeutic. It serves as my soothing relief for cough and sore throat. This contains a mild taste which is perfect for your candy appreciation experience.

The first time I learned about these vintage candies from Claeys  is when I had a really annoying sore throat. My grandfather said that one of the effective and fastest ways to treat cough or any throat irritation is to drink a horehound tea. This product was really hard to find until I stumbled upon a Claeys product in a grocery store. I purchased it without a doubt, and have been a faithful consumer since then.

To those who have not heard about the horehound ingredient, it is a kind of herb under the mint family which is known to cure illness regarding the respiratory system such as sore throats, coughs, and common cold.

I really recommend this horehound candy from Claeys especially if you are looking for a natural remedy for your cough and sore throat. So, if you want to experience this sweet benefit from Claeys, try some today!

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