A good candy dispenser can save you a lot of time and effort compared to the mess brought by typical candy jars. I am a candy store owner for 20 years now and I have been constantly bothered by the mess caused by jars, gift baskets and clutter caused by the candies. People try to get some candy from the jar and they can easily transmit germs through that process. Their hands may be contaminated with viruses and it can spread through candy jars. Good thing a friend of mine introduced me to a cost-effective and easy to use candy dispenser.

Different Types Of Candy Dispenser Machines

There are various types and sizes of candy dispenser machines nowadays that are very effective for storage and convenience. Even children can use it at home and can be placed in the kitchen as an alternative for jars and that take up huge space and disorder. The kinds of candy dispenser may vary depending on the space you have in your store or kitchen. Each dispenser has its own qualities that are suitable for your everyday needs. Some of the types of dispensers are automatic candy dispensers, M&Ms candy dispensers and motion activated dispensers. Here are the advantages and things to consider before purchasing a candy dispenser.

A New And Convenient M&M Candy Dispenser For Kids

This optimum solution for everyday use is very convenient especially for kids and adults who love candies. The new M&M candy dispenser is the perfect, adorable, cute, fun and colorful gifts this season. It is perfect for people of all ages especially for M&M lovers. They manufacture their candy products together with these dispensers for direct and retail settings and the good thing is that it saves space as well. They are easy to fill and you can clean it just by removing the blue, red, yellow and green characters on top of the dispenser. Wipe it with a clean towel and then refill it with delicious M&Ms candies.

Advantages Of Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

One of the advantages of having a motion activated candy dispenser is that it will automatically clean the tray to avoid spreading of germs. The device can also estimate just the right amount of chocolate rock and strawberry flavored candy that fits into a handful. You no longer have to think about the mess that it will bring. It also comes with a feature that can detect motion that determines if it will draw out candy right away and will automatically close the lid too. All you have to do is wave your hands around the sensor and comes out the tasty and mouth watering sweet candies. It has a laser detector that scans the opening of the dispenser.

In Purchasing An Automatic Candy Dispenser

When I tried using my first candy dispenser, it didn’t last that long because the handle broke and you have to press hard to dispense candy. Now, before purchasing a candy dispenser, I always check the durability and make sure that the plastic surface used will not easily be easily damaged.

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