The Search For Candy Coupons

Candy coupons have always been a part of my shopping life. My mother and I always look for some coupons on the magazines, newspaper or candy wrappers. It is my duty to look for some… Continue reading

A good candy dispenser can save you a lot of time and effort compared to the mess brought by typical candy jars. I am a candy store owner for 20 years now and I have been constantly bothered by the… Continue reading

The luscious candy flowers have never tasted this good. It is a combination of the sweet taste of your favorite classic candies, carefully shaped into colorful flowers. These candy flowers have an elegant and at the same time romantic touch… Continue reading

When I was a kid, I always eat nostalgic flavored candy necklace while hiding in my room. It is fun and amazing to eat candy necklaces because of the colors and variety. I remember when I have friends come over… Continue reading

The Real Candy Factory

Claeys Candy has been making artificially and naturally-flavored candies since 1919.  What I like about this candy factory from other chocolate and candy companies is that they still make and produce traditional candies which offer… Continue reading