Next week will be my daughter’s birthday party and my wife and I are planning an all pink candy buffet. She is turning 7 and she loves everything pink. So my wife and I came up with an idea of giving her a princess party where everything is pink and shiny. I can really tell that our little princess will love our surprise for her. We already placed orders for a birthday cake and a couple of mini cakes for giveaways. Tomorrow, we will be looking for a premade princess dress. For the buffet, we have 3 main courses, appetizers, and of course the desserts. That is where we became puzzled with how the colors will be synchronized with our theme. We want pink candies to be decorated on the table of course, but there should be a contrasting color for the boys that will be invited.

Choice Number One: Pink And Black

A pink and black candy buffet is quite cool. Black matches with everything. First of all we came up with black because our daughter also loves raisins. We planned on adding little raisins on her birthday cake just to add a more special touch. We were just afraid that it might look like small bugs and might frighten some children. In addition, it’s hard to look for candies that are black. We have Sixlets candies in mind and that’s it.

Choice Number Two: Pink And Green

If you think about pink flowers, you sometimes imagine leaves popping out the sides. That was our second option, a pink and green candy buffet. Why don’t we decorate the candies in such a way that they would look like flowers? We can use large pink jelly beans and have green gummies for the leaves, or make a pink cotton candy bouquet. It is one of the safest colors, but we can’t help but consider other ideas.

Choice Number Three: Pink And Purple

After browsing over tons of princess birthday ideas that was mostly pink and purple, we were about to just settle with that common combination. You can see it on Barbie dolls and Lisa Frank stickers. A pink and purple candy buffet might be our last resort. “They sure do match” says my wife. I was being a polite husband and just nodded thinking, this won’t do. I started brain storming again and asked some of my pals for advice. I want my little darling to have the perfect princess party, but also, a party wherein my invited guests won’t be too out of place. Then I finally came up with the best decision ever.

Choice Number Four And The Final Decision

Everyone loves chocolate. Why don’t we rent a chocolate fountain and have a pink and brown candy buffet! I said. My wife smiled and immediately agreed. The next morning, we ordered 5 lbs. each of brown and pink candy-coated chocolates from Sixlets, a box of brown M&M’s, and lastly, a grand chocolate fountain. We are all set for our princess themed birthday party.

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