Whenever I hear about Runts candy, I can always remember me and my sister fighting over the counter at our favorite candy store. At that time, to be the first one that gets to be served by the candy seller was a big deal for us. You see, if you get to be the first customer, you can open your box before anyone else. I know it is silly (cue chuckles) but we were just kids!

What Is Runts?

Runts are flavorful hard candies with a soft, quite powdery, center. They come in 6 different exciting flavors, colors, and shapes. That is what I can remember, but I was informed that a box of Runts now only has 5. Some flavors where gone and some were added. Also, the colors became simpler. Runts are packed in this colorful rectangular box that really catches a candy-lover’s eye. If you noticed on the upper left side of its box, there is a Willy Wonka logo. Everyone knows Willy Wonka! I know you do. Runts is actually made by Nestle, but it falls under their Willy Wonka candy company. Now we know why that famous logo is in there; too bad it really didn’t come from that famous factory that has a river of chocolate and oompa loompa workers. I honestly think that is why we were so enticed back then with that colorful box of “deceiving” Wonka candy.

Runts Unique Flavors

Each Runts candy has different flavors that correspond with their shape and color. For example, their strawberry flavor is a pink heart shaped candy. In their original line up, they have cherry, orange, strawberry, banana, watermelon, and raspberry. In 2007, they shifted to a different batch. They had, banana, orange, strawberry, pineapple, strawberry, and mango. Through the years, they have been adding and removing flavors. At one time, they also had lime, grape, and green apple. I didn’t keep track with what’s on the current box because I really don’t mind, so long as banana Runts candy is still available.

My Candy (Runts)

Among the different flavors of this exciting box of candy, the Runts banana candy is my favorite. It also is the silliest looking of the bunch. Well it clearly looks like a banana due to its elongated shape. The flavor was what made me liked it a little bit more. It really didn’t taste like a banana but it wasn’t as sweet as the others. It was just right.

For Retailers And Outlet

If you have a candy store and you want to resell these sweet candies per gram or per scoop. I found a better solution that might help you get a great discount. Place a Runts candy bulk order! Buying in bulk would allow you to get the candies at a cheap wholesale price. For $15, you can get 5lbs of assorted Runts. That’s a total of 2000 candy pieces. There are a lot of great deals over the internet and what’s better is that you can order a bulk of a specific flavor you like. You can get 2-5lbs of banana flavor!

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