Sixlets candy is one of my most favorite candy-coated chocolates. If you haven’t heard about Sixlets, it’s high time you check them out. These are small, rounded candy-coated chocolates that originally come in 5 different colors, brown, orange, red, green, and yellow. But if you want to have your own choice of colors that you might be using for special occasions like a wedding, a birthday or a baby shower, they now accept bulk orders of specific colors like, silver, navy blue, pearl white, or black.

Events And Special Traditions

Last Christmas, we had our traditional family dinner together with some relatives. For a special treat for the kids, we ordered in bulk. Sixlet Candies was a crowd pleaser that night because they match our Christmas theme well. We had green, red, and golden yellow. I have searched the internet for candy websites who sell Sixlets candy in bulk, and I found out that there are a lot of retailers of these yummy candy-coated chocolates. Most websites have a list of available colors that you can choose from. We ordered from a store online and it was shipped to our house right after a few days.

Why Do We Choose Bulk Buying

It only cost us $5.99 a pound which was approximately 500pcs. Buying Sixlets candy in bulk is much cheaper than buying their regular packs. I think it’s actually a good investment especially if you are an event coordinator or someone who likes to create little special occasions with friends, because candy-coated sweets usually have longer shelf lives compared to other candies. If you will not be using a whole bag of Sixlets for the event, you can still save what is left for the upcoming ones. Bigger events like for weddings or your daughter’s sweet 16, I recommend you buy two to three bags.

Why Sixlets

Why Sixlets rather than M&M’s? Yes, I know they are both candy-coated chocolates but there is a distinct taste to Sixlets that makes them a better option. Most importantly, Sixlets are a lot healthier than a regular M&M. We all know that chocolate is made up of cocoa beans. In a Sixlet, they use a percent of cocoa and more of carob. A carob is used as a cocoa substitute, though it doesn’t taste that much alike, but in our generation today, health and good physic must always come first. A tablespoon of carob powder contains 25 percent of calories and zero fat. Unlike chocolate, it does not have Oxalic acid, a substance which interferes with our body’s calcium absorption. I therefore conclude that Sixlets is the clear winner among the two.

Where Does It Come From

Sixlets are made by Oak Leaf Confections, a SweetWorks Company based in Toronto, Canada. This merged chocolate/candy companies started making Sixlets since the 1960’s. The name Sixlets was rumored to be called that way because of its count in one pack. Before, you get a plastic tube of sicklets with 6 pieces in it. Now you can have them in bundles of 8 and more. You can even get them in bulk!

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