When I was a kid, I always eat nostalgic flavored candy necklace while hiding in my room. It is fun and amazing to eat candy necklaces because of the colors and variety. I remember when I have friends come over and we would all wear our candy necklaces and have fun with them like a fashion show. We each have different personalities and we like to reinvent the candy necklaces. So I removed them from the pack and re-assembled making a creative homemade candy necklace. They have different colors and you can also make the design to make it more interesting.

Easy Steps On How To Make A Candy Necklace

These candy necklaces came from a classic idea in 1958 and are still one of the most sought candies until this day. You can buy them in packs or in bulk from stores and eat through the necklace. You can also create your own candy necklace. It is fun and simple. Here are the following steps on how to make candy necklace.

First is to choose candies that have holes in the middle, this will be easier with circle-shaped candies like M&Ms and Smarties. You can make a chain with the wrapper of the ends of the candies and overlap them and staple it afterwards. Then, do this over and over with the same procedure to the other chocolate candies until your chain is long enough to wear around your neck. To close it off, just staple the first candy to the last candy to make a chain. Then, place the plastic needle inside the hole of the candies. You can arrange them according to the design that you want. Afterwards, insert a ribbon inside that will serve as the hook to lock the necklace. It is easy to do and the kids can do it themselves too.

Different Ways Of Making Candy Necklace Craft

I have been making unique candy necklaces and I sell them at parties and for fundraising events. Candy necklace craft are a total hit especially for children. I purchase bulk candies from different stores online and re-make them as customized products. You can also start making candy necklaces. Just use your imagination.

Crafting Candy That Comes In Different Shapes And Colors

Some of them may be heart-shaped, round, flowers and they also come in an assortment of colors. Crafting your own design can also included different types of candy medallions and various colors for string. These are great for parties, Halloween, Valentine’s and for sleepover parties too.

Delicious And Tasty Candy Necklace Kits

The candy necklace kits can help you make interesting designs by purchasing different tools for the necklace. This candy necklace kit package comes with different candy designs, ribbons and plastic needles and strings that can jumpstart your project. This can be your hobby or professionally to boost your sales. It can be the sweetest thing you will ever give to someone as a gift. Since Valentine’s season is coming this is a fun and exciting way to make as gifts for your loved one.

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