Why was the coffee candy invented?

I was working on a long article last night and as I was about to finish, my eyes grew very tired as if it was about to close shut in seconds. I grabbed a piece of candy that was lying inside my bag for quite some time now. I am not that fond of candies so whenever a friend gives me a handful on weird occasions, it usually stays inside my bag for a long period of time. But last night, that piece of candy became my best friend throughout my working hours. Now, I’m starting to like candies because of that. It was a Kopiko coffee candy, and like a cup of coffee, it actually kept me up till I finished my work. Now I know the logic behind why people invented this candy. It is easier to carry around compared to a regular cup of coffee. You can have it anywhere and whenever you like.

Is there really caffeine on your coffee candy?

Yes, most coffee candies have real caffeine as one of the ingredients. It is said that 10 Kopiko coffee candies are equivalent to a glass of iced coffee. While an estimation of only 8 pieces of United coffee candy is also equivalent to a glass of iced coffee. That is why in some way, it can battle the urge of sleepiness. I also think the taste of coffee plays a big role in commanding the brain that it should not rest yet. Especially if you are a coffee drinker, your body will immediately respond to the taste of coffee, as a wake up signal.

Your Classic Choice of Coffee on your Favorite Candy

Bali’s best coffee candy offers different types of coffee flavors you can choose from. They have plain coffee, Expresso, and Latte. What I like about Bali’s Best is that, they promote natural and healthy candies. Like their famous tea candies, I expect their coffee candies to also have some health benefits in them. For the Kopiko candy, they are made in Java coffee so they have the taste of Java as well. Amazing how they come up with different variations to satisfy the taste of million coffee candy eaters. I wonder when they would be having a coffee-mocha latte flavor. I would surely be the first one to buy a pack of it.

Other Candies with Coffee

Creating coffee candies became a big hit worldwide and now, some candy factories are trying to experiment on coffee candies even more. The original Coffee Crisp candy bar will always be the number one coffee candy bar created in history. It is a coffee cream wafer sandwich, coated in milk chocolate.   Coffee Crisp is now being distributed by Nestle Canada but it originated in UK in the 1930’s. This has been my favorite chocolate bar ever since I had my first bite of it. Even though Coffee Crisp does not have much as much caffeine as other coffee candies, it is still very good.

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