Have you seen this Strawberry Candy that actually looks like a real strawberry? They are so pretty! Well, actually it is not the candy that looks like a real strawberry but its wrapper.

Strawberries are sophisticated types of fruits. They look elegant when used as centerpieces or in food art pieces. They can be very sexy when dipped into chocolate. Also, they can be very cute when used for print designs, and anything girly.

Strawberry Hard Candy And Soft Candy

I understand there are a lot of different brands of strawberry flavored candies out there. Most of them are those hard ones that make your tongue turn pink or reddish in color. Some are those gummy types which are covered in white sugar. There is not much I can say about strawberries being turned into candies. They are just too straight-forward. These candies taste like strawberry, which I really love by the way, but there is no excitement in them. So let us just broaden the difference between the two types of textures, and come up with a conclusion on which is better. The hard ones for me are much tastier compared to the toffee ones. In addition, the hard ones last longer in your mouth. The gummies on the other hand, are much safer especially for children. They melt quickly and are very chewable. Strawberry gummies lessen the risk of choking. To end this argument, I say, for taste, hard strawberry candies wins and for those safety mom’s out there, chewable strawberry candies are best.

Strawberry Filled Candy And Plain Strawberry Candies

Strawberry fillings are not exclusively used in pastries and spreads anymore. They are also used in candies.  There are these favorite chocolate candies I used to like that have a strawberry filling on the middle. When you bite it halfway, you can see that pink filling running on the sides. It is like a volcano of pure goodness. Now, what’s interesting today is that the candy makers also found a way to create a strawberry filled hard candy. It’s a typical hard candy that is strawberry flavored added with strawberry filling. It’s strawberry within a strawberry! How can anyone resist such a wonderful creation? I know I can’t.

Real Strawberry Fruit In Strawberry Candies

I’m pretty sure there are candy makers who use the real fruit in their candies, but most of them only use artificial strawberry flavoring. Anyway, some flavoring makers use extracts of a real strawberry fruit in their ingredients. So it’s just the same thing, I guess. But don’t fret, I found a really delicious and healthy strawberry candy recipe online that you can simply make in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Chocolate Marble Strawberry Recipe

The first thing to do is to align a wax paper on a baking tray or any flat surface. Wash and pat dry fresh strawberries. Make sure that your strawberries are completely dry. Then, temper white and brown chocolates in separate bowls. Next, drizzle the brown chocolate lightly on the bowl with white chocolate using a spoon forming a zigzag. Lift the strawberries one by one by its stem and roll them on the chocolate. Instant marble effect! Now, place them on the wax paper and let them set in the fridge for about 5mins. Finally, serve and enjoy!

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